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Small Business Social Media Resources

When I first started as a digital marketer, I was on the hunt for small business social media resources. Google was my best friend. It still is. I had to find how to set up business pages on all the social media platforms, one at a time. There were a lot of experts and how-to pages to wade through. I started with the platforms themselves. One thing I could never quite find was a comprehensive small business social media resource page.  So, I decided to make one with the links I found handy in one spot. 

One thing I highly recommend for any business is to have a dedicated email address to use for all your platforms like or That way, if the person who sets up the profiles leaves the company, or you sell your business, the email address can stay the same. Changing the email address after the fact is a giant headache or close to impossible. Save yourself from yourself at the beginning. 

These are links to the platforms themselves. I figured it would be good to hear it straight from the source as opposed to the many different gurus out there. Bookmark this page as a handy resource for later.


Meta Logo

Meta is the umbrella company of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and What’s App. The most effective way to run ads and manage your page is through Business Manager. Boosting a post is okay, but you get better control using Business Manager. It’s easier to control who has access, which audiences to use, among a myriad of other things.

“Learn everything you need to get started with Business Manager—from creating your account and adding assets, to assigning the right permissions across your team.”

How to set up Meta Business Manager 

Meta also has its own course called Blueprint which teaches you how to use its properties.. Almost all of us “know” how to use Facebook and Instagram, but the classes are comprehensive. You’ll learn how to use the Metaverse more effectively. 

Blueprint Learning


More than likely, you use Facebook and have a personal profile. That’s what you’ll need to set up a business profile. Click here for step-by-step directions.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Profile


InstagramThe picture platform. Since Meta owns Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy to control both in one place. The audiences are slightly different, as well as the algorithm, so it’s worth it to have both.  You have to set up a regular profile first, then switch to business. 

How To Set Up An Instagram Profile

How To Set Up An Instagram Business Profile 


TwitterHome of the hashtag and the 140 character limit. The limit did double to 280, and it’s a great place to find trending topics. The Organic Best Practices is a treasure trove of even more resources.

How To Set Up A Twitter Account

Organic Best Practices


LinkedInThe online networking party. It’s a great place to advertise for B2B businesses and exhibit expertise in your field. First, you’re going to need a Company Page and then you can set up LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

How To Set Up A Company Page

Get Started With LinkedIn Ads


TikTokIt’s the newest kid on the block and taking the world by storm. Every other social media platform is trying to emulate its succes

TikTok For Business


Pinterest is more of a search engine than a social network. People go there for ideas and inspirtion. It’s a fantastic place for evergreen content.

Pinterest For Business


The topic place. If you’re into something, there is a subreddit for you. Find your business’s niche and advertise.

Advertising on Reddit


Disappearing pics and text. The place that started stories on Meta.

Snapchat For Business

Thanks for reading (or at least skimming) all the way to the end of this small business social media resource page. If you’re overwhelmed by all of the information and would like some help, that’s where LDSTL can help. Contact us today and we’ll Handle Your Handle so you can get back to running your business.

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